Old West Downs Society — The Register

The Register prints out at about 80 pages of 9-point A5 pages. This is rather a lot. The reason for such bulk is that there are six Sections. What we have on the CD is an image of each page, which is deliberately made readable to the human eye but which cannot be read back into text form by a computer using OCR. That's to prevent misuse of the Register, as far as possible.

In Section 1 we have a list of all those who were at the School. Addresses are given where we know them.

In Section II we have an analysis by area. This is worked out from the postcode. It is quite useful if you want to see who lives near you. The country is divided into its regions, and then there are areas within each region, more or less corresponding to Sports Council administrative areas.

In Section III there is an analysis by year of entry. Using this you can remind yourself of who was at the School with you.

Section IV, an analysis by year of entry of those with whom we are not in touch, but who are not definitely known to have died.

Section V, an analysis by year of entry of those who are definitely known to have died.

Section VI. Staff. Not necessarily teaching staff, but others as well.

Nick Hodson, Hon. Secretary