Old West Downs Society – Memories of the Tindall Era, 1922-1954

From Peter Wrightson, 1923-28

Lady Goodrich, a sort of fairy godmother to us all.

Mr Tindall’s pince-nez spectacles.

Lantern slide lecture on Pilgrim’s Progress.

Wolves patrol, disbanded, I believe, in the 30’s for gross misbehaviour.

The ceremonial defrocking from the Scouts of some boy for unmentionable behaviour (nowadays considered normal).

Doing Swedish carpentry called Sloyd in a shed by the back yard.

Superb ice slides in the back yard when it froze.

Playing a super game called “Flag Raiding with Balls” at Melbury, opposite the school.

Mrs Tindall flirting (we thought) with a master called Stanton.

A master called Wheeler (very small) singing a carol solo beginning “I am small sang the wren.”

Having one’s own garden by the War Memorial “Here am I, Send Me.”

Retrieving balls (football and cricket) from Hilliers nursery next door.

Going back to WD from here through the midlands by train. When we saw the chalk cuttings at Micheldever, all hope was lost: we were all but there.

Getting stuck in London during the General Strike of 1926. Good news, until one was found.

Foricas parade – No 6 was constantly being reported flooded.

Walks up to the Downs over Chilbolton Avenue. Chalkpits to explore.

The dark room with its red glass window.

A visit to a Naval Review in the mid twenties when we went aboard HMS Warspite. One boy’s fingers were crushed between the small boat and the battleship.

Visiting the place in the New Forest where William Rufus was shot by an arrow.

A service in memory of Queen Alexandra on her death.

Blowing the organ with a long handle at the back. There was a small marker to show if “she” was short of wind.

Mr Tindall as Caliban in The Tempest at Melbury.

Peter Wrightson