Old West Downs Society – Memories of the Tindall Era, 1922-1954

From Cdr. Rodney Wrightson, 1926-29

Chivvy (A to K stripes), Mr. Broadhurst and his Beeny Belsize (or Arrol Astor), retrieving cricket balls hit from the Jun Jun ground into Hilliers, the awful patrol plays and the marvellous masters’ plays by Basset Kendall, Melbury dormitories and walking down there on fine summer evenings, Chilbolton Avenue.

When I went on to the RN College, there was an OWD in almost every Dartmouth term – and four in one of them.

I met John Stanton before, during and after the war – he was a Subaltern and I was an RN Lieutenant & we called one another “Sir!”

My brothers and I spanned 14 consecutive years at WD – then a gap before my son went there, still with the Tindalls until his last 2 terms. By then, only Mr. Griffith remained.

I understand my brother Peter remembered “No. 3 is flooded, Sir,” but he got the number wrong!!

Of pastimes, games, etc, I an only remember the inevitable conkers, and carpentry classes in End Room. Also masses of annual editions of old Punches in Shakespeare.

Rodney Wrightson