Old West Downs Society – Memories of the Helbert/Brymer Era, 1897-1922

From the Executors to Parents

“West Downs”

In consequence of the sudden death of Mr. Helbert, we think it right to send the following brief statement to the parents of boys now at West Down, and those on Mr. Helbert’s list for future admission.

By Mr. Helbert’s Will his property is left absolutely to his sister, Lady Goodrich, the Executors and Trustees being his friends, Mr. W.P. Richardson his Solicitor, and Mr. Nowell C. Smith, Headmaster of Sherborne School.

Lady Goodrich has always been in absolute sympathy with her brother’s aims and achievements as a schoolmaster, possessing his entire confidence and being intimately associated with the life of West Downs, with the staff, the boys, and the parents.

It is her wish and intention that the School should continue in the same spirit, pursuing the same ideals.

For the present Mr. Brymer, who has been at West Downs for twelve years and has been acting recently as Headmaster, has consented to carry on in that capacity on behalf of Lady Goodrich.

W.P. Richardson.

N.C. Smith.

14th November, 1919.