Old West Downs Society – Memories of the Tindall Era, 1922-1954

From Sir Jeremy Morse, 1937-42

1. My mother weeping on the platform at Waterloo as the train pulled out for my first term: someone from the school looked after us new boys.

2. The big dormitories, periodically lit by car-lights on the Romsey Road.

3. Conker fights.

4. Football and cricket matches against Eastacre.

5. Walks up Chilbolton Avenue or the Sarum Road with Mr. Griffith telling his marvellous George-and-Henry stories.

6. Cold spring terms with little rugger playable.

7. The garden plots we kept by the rifle range.

8. Mrs. T reading books about Africa to the new boys.

9. Cocoa (with skin) and chocolate biscuits.

10. KBT’s effective (because unwounding) use of sarcasm.

11. Patrol plays; KBT’s Christmas show; a visiting magician who removed KBT’s braces; marvellous summer Shakespeare plays at Melbury.

12. Boxing.

13. Visit’s by Helbert’s sister, Lady Goodrich, inevitably known as Lady Badpoor.

14. General epidemic of verrucas, miraculously cured by the warning that they would be cut out with hot needles.

15. Wonderful teaching of English by the diabetic Mr. Ricardo.

Glenapp, 1940-41

1. Arrival at Stranraer in early light by the boat train; bus with Scots driver to Glenapp; passed cross where postman had died in the snow.

2. Another cold winter; earache in the west wind.

3. Scouting came alive in real country.

4. Twelfth Night cancelled for mumps.

5. The Bass wedding.

6. Taking Winchester Election in a sickroom.

7. Churchill’s broadcasts.

Blair Atholl 1941-2

1. The strains on staff of a second move.

2. Growing numbers of Scots boys.

3. Another cold winter, but rationing less strict.

4. Strangeness of the house with its corridors and picture, and of the moors.

5. The Atholl Highlanders turning out for a funeral.

Parents, 1967-76

1. Sports days.

2. JFC’s moral tone, totally contrary to what developed in the closing of the school.

Jeremy Morse