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West Downs School, Winchester — 1897–1988

There will be a dinner on Monday 1st October 2018, at Brooks's Club, St James's Street, London SW1A 1LN. Arrangements will be slightly different from the usual ones. You may wear a lounge suit instead of a black tie, if you wish. The timing will be half an hour earlier to help people get home or to their trains, so it will be 6:30 for 7:00 p.m. The cost of the dinner has not yet been decided, but it should be around the 60 or 70 pound mark. Emails will be sent out soon asking you to book if you want to come. Payment will be by credit transfer and not by cheque. The dinner is being managed this year by Andrew Parker-Jervis, and not by Nick Hodson (who continues as Secretary). If you do not receive an email from Andrew, please send one to Nick Hodson, with any changes of address and other news.

If you wish to use the West Downs site of Winchester University for a personal event of your own, such as a wedding reception, contact the University of Winchester Conferences Manager at conferences@winchester.ac.uk

We regret to announce the recent deaths of Richard Westmacott and Corbett Macadam.

Richard Westmacott died on 3rd April 2013 after a two-year battle with cancer. He came to West Downs in 1954. He had fond memories of the school, and had a photograph album with some snaps taken during his time there. He passed away at home, where he wanted to be, with his three children around him, and also his first grandson. His second grandson was born three weeks later.

WD Record 1965-72
Some pictures of walks, etc, by Lionel Kay - slideshow
West Downs in about 1912 - slideshow
Interesting collection of West Downs items supplied by Nick Bloxam (1948-54)
Andrew Selous, MP, speaking at the 2006 dinner
Corbett Macadam, Daniel Hodson and John Cornes listen to Andrew Selous, 2006

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Has anyone done a MacNab?

Harry Risbridger i/c shooting at Founder’s Day
Harry Risbridger – Instructor – came to the School after the War, when we returned from Scotland to Winchester, and took charge of PE and swimming. He also took charge of shooting, and here he is during a Founder’s Day shooting match between Old Boys and the School.
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Anyone done a MacNab? Richard Paget writes: I have just started a company producing audio books on different country sports and pastimes. The first ones are Fly Fishing Tales 1 and 2 — in each tape 6 top fishermen recall their most memorable catch and we include the actual flies they used ... We are exploring other topics and are currently looking for people who have achieved a MacNab to interview. I am sure there must be some among OWDs who either have achieved, or aspire to achieve, the ‘Grand Slam’ of the Highlands. Richard Paget

Nick Hodson, OWD Society Secretary